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Advice from a Plumber's Wife

Four years ago, I joined a plumbing family and was overwhelmed by all the new plumbing related rules that entered my life. I knew the basics- no grease down the drain (I did it anyway), no flushing tampons (did that, too), only small stuff down the garbage disposal (will that go if I sort of cut it up a first?)- but I never really understood why I couldn't or shouldn't do those things.  Everyday for the past four years, I've heard the stories of the mistakes people make and the sometimes funny, sometimes horrifying consequences, so I thought I would share some of them with you.  


Important note: I am NOT a plumber (I'm actually a college professor). Even though I like to think of myself as handy, I usually just break things and wait for Jon to help me fix them. I do run these posts by Jon, though, to make sure I'm not generating business by making YOU break things.  

"But it SAID it was flushable!!": How "flushable" products can cause massive clogs. 

"What ELSE am I supposed to do with the grease?": Why Jon shakes his head when I try to sneak grease down the drain. 

Rescuing Jewelry from the Drain. Don't run the water!!!

"What the?! Why are there FLIES coming out of my drain?!" Or, the amazing question I heard at a friend's house. 

"Why would anyone even HAVE a garbage disposal if everything clogs it up?" Or, it seems to me like they're just for looks. 

"Quick!!! Tell them to stop walking in that!!! It's NOT just water!!": What Jon says at least once a month. 

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