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Advice from a Plumber's Wife

"Why would anyone even have a garbage disposal if everything  clogs it up?"  

When I got my first house, one of the big selling points was the garbage disposal.  The power and freedom it offered made me feel like a real grown up.  Now, I could just toss all my garbage in the sink and grind it up. I was as giddy as a little kid but wise enough to keep my fingers clear. The garbage disposal meant freedom, no more taking the trash out every night, my stinky, sticky potato skins or meat trimmings were cleanly washed down the drain. Every time I used it, I felt a little surge of joy.  Then I met Jon, and my garbage disposal suddenly had a long list of rules attached to it.  

These were the things I was strongly encouraged not to put in the garbage disposal because their particles get stuck in the grinder are difficult to get off once the dry, plus they can build up to cause clogs or jam the disposal: 

  • Meat

  • Peals of any sort (potato, banana, etc)

  • Any thing fibrous (celery, corn husks, etc)

  • Egg shells 

  • Pasta of any kind

  • Coffee grounds

  • Grease or oil of any kind

  • Plant clippings

  • Anything non-edible, like glass or plastic

I was also not permitted to clean the garbage disposal with Bleach or drain cleaners of any sort because they eat away at the seals and cause leaks. Jon also told me to only use 

I COULD use the garbage disposal to clean up very tiny fragments of ick left in the sink after cleaning off the dishes. Suddenly, my garbage disposal seemed pretty useless. 

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